Heavy duty overhead stirrer


Pilot mixing of new products. Heavy duty mixing; i.e. high viscosity liquids

Suitable industries:

Paint industries , ink industries, petrochemical industries



Supplied with stand and lifting mechanism.
220 volt a.c. operation.
Variable speed, 180 watt electric motor.
Supplied with stainless steel stirring bar, 10mm diameter, 300mm long with a mixing type paddle.
Variable speed motor 100 to 2800 r.p.m. suitable for stirring medium to high viscosities.
Maximum stirring capacity 25l .
Speed control by means of industrial type inverter with digital output which displays frequency which can easily be converted to r.p.m’s
supplied with a conversion chart to convert frequency to r.p.m.
heavy duty 2 meter lead and 15 amp 3 pin plug.
Speed indicator available as an optional extra.