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Particle size analysis with laser diffraction

0.1 µm – 8,750 µm

HELOS, the well proven laser diffraction sensor is the first system using one measuring principle (laser diffraction in the parallel laser beam) for the whole measuring range from 0.1 µm to 8750 µm. Two evaluation modes are offered: FREE: a parameter free solution basing on Fraunhofer diffraction and MIEE: basing on precision Mie theory extended to the full size range, as an option. The combination of measuring ranges is available for both, allowing the analysis of extremely wide size distributions at highest precision.

It is the classical instrument for particle size analysis of dry and wet samples, i.e. of powders, suspensions, emulsions or sprays. It is entirely built to the specifications of ISO 13320 “Particle size analysis – laser diffraction methods” – and designed for absolute precision measurements to typically ±1% deviation with respect to the standard metre.