GillAC Mid

Lab Instruments

ACM Instruments designs and manufacturers a number of models ideal for lab based work. The Gill AC range itself meets the needs of a wide variety of customers through its low current, high current, high speed sweep and multiple channel options. We even have a specialised instrument for welds!

New Instruments!

The Cage – A Gill AC built into an integrated faraday cage.

Anode 16 – This instrument is used to determine the potential and current carrying capacity of alloys used for cathodic protection.  It provides an easily used and reliable method of screening batches of sacrificial anodes to ensure performance consistency for batch to batch.

Zed 16 – This instrument features 16 zero resistance ammeters and is used to measure current flowing between two working electrodes for each channel. Each channel can also have a high impedance reference electrode input for measuring the potential of the couple.