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PnuBurst™ Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester

The PnuBurst provides unparalleled capabilities in a pneumatic bursting tester. Automatic flow control ensures bursts are achieved within the proper time according to standards. The instrument also provides diaphragm correction calculations to give accurate bursting pressures. A laser measurement system is used for distension height. The full-color touch screen controller is very easy to use and provides full test controls including clamping pressure and Marks &Spencer controls. Included software captures all of the data from standard burst tests for analysis. An optional software allows users to program special sequences such as cyclic testing or stretch and hold testing. Stretch and hold can be set to hold a given distension or a given pressure. With a maximum capacity of 1500 kPa (200 psi), the PnuBurst is the most powerful pneumatic burst tester on the market.