Particle size and shape analysis with image processing of highest order 1 µm – 30 mm

Sympatec has recently launched an image analysis sensor, which combines particle size and shape analysis. An innovative new technique with extremely short exposure time of less than 1 ns allows for the use of efficient and reliable dispersion units thus providing clear cut images also from fastest particles with a speed of more than 100 m/s. This guarantees proper dispersion of agglomerated fine and cohesive powders.


With QICPIC particle sizes between 1 µm and 30 mm are measured. The primary measurement data is stored in 100000 primary classes and can be evaluated in individually definable formats. Pre-defined set of size classes allow an easy adoption to existing measurement specifications. A high performance data compression module supports the grabbing of up to 450 images per second. This ensures high statistical security of measurement results in short analysis time.