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Automated Filter Tester Model 3160 is the most advanced automated tester available for challenging filters and filter media with submicrometeraerosols. It can be used to test both low- and high-efficiency filters and filter media, with efficiencies up to 99.999999%, or penetrations down to 0.000001%. The 3160 uses a bank of atomizers and the TSI Electrostatic Classifier to challenge a filter or filter media with known-size, monodisperse particles. Two Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) simultaneously count the upstream and downstream particles and computer software calculates the penetration value. Filters can be sequentially challenged with up to 20 different monodisperse particle sizes in the range from 15 to 800nm. The penetration value for each particle size is calculated. At the end of a test, the Model 3160 generates a curve of penetration vs. particle size and produces a summary of test results, including the most penetrating particle size (MPPS).


Model 3160 complies with EN 1822 parts 3 and 5 and provides the most complete information on filter penetration available from any filter tester.


Determines most penetrating particle size (MPPS)

Complies with EN 1822 parts 3 and 5

Simple automated operation

Highly consistent test results

Service and support