Chemical & Elemental Determination

Chemical analysis equipment is used to determine, characterize, and quantify chemical components in gas, liquid, and solid samples. Chromatography, Corrosion, Potentiostat, Galvanostat, Monitoring, Total Organic Carbon Anylyzer (TOC), Fluid Mechanics, nanotechnology, environmental and materials analysis, represent a few of the many areas of use for chemical analysis instruments.

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Manufacturers of Electrochemical Instrumentation since 1985. ACM offers high precision automated potentiostats and software at affordable prices. Offering the most diverse range of instrumentation on the market today.

Corrosion, Potentiostat, Galvanostat, Monitoring

Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is dedicated to empowering discovery and scientific breakthroughs. The company’s global leadership and world-class service and support delivers sophisticated instrument systems, reagents and services to life science researchers in academic and commercial laboratories, enabling new discoveries in biology-based research and development. A leader in centrifugation and flow cytometry, Beckman Coulter has long been an innovator in capillary electrophoresis, particle characterization and laboratory automation, and its products are used at the forefront of important areas of investigation, including genomics and proteomics. For more information

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer

Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

Brookhaven Instruments Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells quality analytical instruments used in research, development, process and quality control.

Chromatography Detectors