Chemical Analysis Equipment

Chemical & Elemental Determination

Chemical analysis equipment is used to determine, characterize, and quantify chemical components in gas, liquid, and solid samples. Chromatography, Corrosion, Potentiostat, Galvanostat, Monitoring, Total Organic Carbon Anylyzer (TOC), Fluid Mechanics, nanotechnology, environmental and materials analysis, represent a few of the many areas of use for chemical analysis instruments.

OI Anylitical

OI Analytical designs and manufactures instrumentation for chemical analysis. Data from our analytical instruments serve as the basis for informed decisions affecting human health and safety, environmental protection, industrial operations, and product quality.

Our company vision is Opportunity through Innovation®. We strive to provide innovative products and services that enable our customers to pursue new opportunities and tackle challenging problems in diverse fields of science and industry.

The company was first organized in 1963 and entered the analytical instrument business in 1969. On October 31, 2011 OI Analytical became a Xylem brand and operates as part of the Xylem Analytics business unit. OI Analytical is located in College Station, Texas. A second facility producing GC-based air monitoring systems and mass spectrometry instruments is based in Birmingham, Alabama. OI Analytical is an ISO-9001 certified organization that operates under a Quality Management System (QMS) to continuously improve the quality of our products, services, and business processes.


Providing quality testing instrumentation and technical support services for research and testing laboratories has been our specialty since 1925. Meeting your testing needs is the primary focus of our business, which is why Koehler Instrument Company is a leading producer and supplier of petroleum, synfuels and petrochemical instrumentation worldwide.

At Koehler, we pride ourselves in innovation. In a time of continuous technological advancement and transition we are constantly implementing new and improved ways to surpass the needs of an ever-evolving industry. Koehler products are backed by our staff of technically knowledgeable, trained specialists who are experienced in both petroleum products testing and instrument service, which is carried out either on site or at a Koehler service center.

On this web site, we are pleased to present our comprehensive line of petroleum laboratory instrumentation, both manual and automatic, as well as standards and accessories conforming to the latest ASTM, ISO, IP and related international standards. We invite you to look through our extensive product offerings for instrumentation and services to meet your testing needs, or contact us for custom solutions for your specialized requirements.

Committed to providing you with full support for your laboratory testing needs, Koehler Instrument Company is more than just an instrument manufacturer. We take care of you through the whole process. We have many satisfied customers worldwide and continue to build new relationships every day because of our attention to customer needs. Our goal is to be the best and most dependable instrument company in the market place. We invite your comments and input so that we may continue to serve you.

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The Linseis Thermal Analysis business unit has emerged as a global leader since it’s inception in 1957. Linseis manufacturers and sells multiple devices in the field of thermal analysis and thermal physical property measurements. We are driven by innovation and a close contact to the scientific community.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter,Thermo Gravimetric Analysis,Simultaneous DSC/DTA,Dilatometers,Thermo mechanical Analysis,Thermal Diffusivity / Thermal Conductivity.

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