Testing Services

Testing Services


Advanced Materials Science CC provide solutions to the needs of the engineering community, may it be in the field of construction, mining, manufacturing, maritime or even defense, where testing of physical and mechanical properties, analytical testing or engineering materials consulting services are required.

We offer a wide spectrum of services covering metallurgy and materials testing, evaluation and consultation, chemical analysis, metallographic analysis and failure investigation.

What do we offer

In the fast paced world of industry today, usually we don’t have the time to focus on anything else but the job at hand. So when something out of the ordinary happens for which we didn’t plan not even to mention budget, there is always the probability of getting behind schedule and losing precious time and money.

This “something out of the ordinary” may be anything from a failure of a working component, to the wrong specification of a material required for a part or a project. It can put your project on hold for days or even months if not handled correctly.

There are usually standards that must be followed in order to make sure that the right material or part is being used. May it be before application, to make sure the design parameters are met, after failure has occurred to find out why the part or material has failed, or even standard tests to be performed as regular quality checks for a project.

This is where we at Advanced Materials Science can be of service, so that the customer can focus his attention on his core business. Whatever your need may be, our aim and mission is to do whatever we can to deliver to our customers results that are accurate, applicable and on time so that they can proceed with the job at hand.